Bill and Pat Murrell's 2004 Trip To Kenya and Tanzania, France, Norway and UK August & September, 2004

These pictures were taken during our trip to Kenya, Tanzania, France, Norway and UK in August & September of 2004. We were there for about three weeks, then in France, Norway and UK for about 1 week in each. If you have never been to East Africa, you have missed an unique trip. Sure you can see animals in zoos, but that is not the way they live in the wild. Several selected photos of Mt. Kenya Safari Club, Amboseli, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Mt. Killimanjaro, Lake Nakuru and Masaai Mara are shown below. I have also added photos from France, Norway and UK. Each of the counties has a link towards the end of this page, so click on that which you are interested in then click the link at the bottom of the country's page to return here for the next section. I hope you enjoy them and want to go there yourself someday.

Technical details:

Camera -- Canon Powershot G-3 with 4 megapixels. The only editing done to the photos was a reduction in the resolution to 640x480 pixels and in some instances rotation or cropping to make them download to/from this website faster. We took a Canon A-1 camera with a 35-105mm zoom lens, but had a technical problem with the lens - it started to come apart - so we used the digital camera exclusively.

Kenya and Tanzania

We arrived in London and were there for two days getting over jet lag. Then off to Nairobi, Kenya and our safaris in the various game parks of Amboseli, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Nakuru and Masaai Mara. We also stayed one night at the Mt. Kenya Safari Club and two nights at a hotel near the base of Mt. Killimanjaro.

Click here for photos of our Kenya and Tanzania section of the trip.


We left Nairobi for an overnight stop in London before taking the Eurostar train under the English Channel for Paris, then a TGV train for the French Alps to see our friends, Emmanuel and Nicole Beau at their chalet in Nevache, France. We were with them for 4 days then returned to Paris for a couple of days. I wanted to see the Louvre again and Pat wanted to get some perfume. I have to say this about the Eurostar train: If you are traveling between London and Paris, take the train. It is much more comfortable and the trip time is about the same, especially considering that you do not have to drive to the airport and be there 2 hours before the flight. Then the terminals for each end are right in the city, no trip out to an airport.

Click here for photos of our France section of the trip.


We left Paris and flew on Air France to Oslo, Norway where we were met by our friend, Randi Skaug. Randi is the first Norwegian woman to climb Mt. Everest. We stayed with Randi and Frank Mendt for several days, and with our friends Erik and Liv-Guri Skogmo of Honefoss. Then we flew to Tromsų above the arctic circle.

Click here for photos of our Norway section of the trip.

United Kingdom

We then left Oslo for a flight back to Paris, then a connecting flight to London. Again overnight with our friend Pauline Dawson before we went with her to Wales. Wales was interesting, but cold, windy and wet while we were there.

Click here for photos of our UK section of the trip.


We obtained all of the travel immunization from Dr. Brian Terry of The Healthy Traveler Clinic in Pasadena, California. The office is located at 1250 East Green Street, Suite 100, Pasadena, CA 91106, Telephone 626/584-1200. The Clinic's website is When you come in to his office, you tell him where you are going and when. He consults with the Centers for Disease Control website to confirm his initial opinion of the inoculations you will need, then discusses it with you. We were very impressed with the way he runs his practice.

Initially my PPO denied the immunizations, so I filed a grievance with my insurance carrier, Blue Shield of California. They approved the immunizations and covered them at the HMO rate of just $10!

A personal testimony about Dr. Brian Terry's technique for injections: I have NEVER before had so many injections at one time, and NEVER felt any of the needle sticks. I watched him give injections to my wife and he is so fast I could not follow the movement from 5 feet away. His technique is the best I have ever had used on me. If you are even a little squeamish about injections, if you close you eyes, you'll never know it was done.

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