Bill and Pat Murrell's 2004 Trip To United Kingdom.

United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)

We arrived in London, Heathrow airport and took the train or subway to Bromley South station where we were met again by our friend Pauline Dawson. We stayed one night then we were off with Pauline to spend a few days in Wales and Hereford, England. In the USA that city name is usually pronounced Her-ferd. But the correct pronunciation is Hairy-ford.


Portmeirion in Wales. I was told that part of the television series, The Prisoner was filmed here.


Another part of Portmeirion

Ragland Castle

Ragland Castle

The Bed and Breakfast

The Bed and Breakfast where we stayed.


Wales bed-and-breakfast

Aberystyth, Wales

Funnicular railroad in Aberystyth, Wales

This next photo is VERY important! Do you remember when you first learned the english alphabet that your teacher told you "All words have at least one vowel which are A, E, I, O and U. Sometimes Y and sometimes W are vowels."? Well I remember that from 1st grade. I have seen several words with Y used as a vowel, TRY, CRY, SKY and so forth. But until this trip, I never saw W used as a vowel. Now look at the sign to see W as a vowel.

W is a vowel too

BWS is BUS! After all, W is said as Double U, isn't it?


Pat thought these type of houses with different color bricks were very pretty. Do you?

Hereford Cathedral

Hereford Cathedral

Hereford River

A river runs through Hereford and very near the Cathedral. Remember in the long past days most traffic went by boat. They were the equivilant of a Motorway or Interstate Highway.

Another river

Another river

Same river

Same river

Still another river view

Still another river view.


British Natural History Museum in London. Pat read a story to her third grade classes about a young girl that found an ichthyosaur almost 200 years ago, in 1810, and it was in this museum. So she wanted to see it.


And here is the ichthyosaur!


Pauline's garden

Greenland icecap

On our way home we flew over the Greenland icecap.


Why is Greenland mostly ice and Iceland mostly green?


United Kingdom

In the London area we always stay with our long time friend, Pauline Dawson. And we did most of our stay this time too. When we were in Hereford, we stayed one night in the Green Dragon Hotel which is very near the Hereford Cathedral. The price was reasonable and included a very good breakfast. The hotel is very old by American standards. There was a plaque that stated a hotel had been on the grounds for about 700 to 800 years! It was quite comfortable, the water in the bathroom was hot and there was a flush toilet. In Wales we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. It too was very good.

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