Bill and Pat Murrell's 2004 Trip To Norway.


We were met at the Oslo airport by our friend, Randi Skaug.

Oslo Fjord

Oslo Fjord. I was told the word Oslo means 'Mouth of the Os'. Os is the river that empties into the Oslo Fjord. Before the name was changed to Oslo, the city was named Christiania.


Honefoss is a town outside of Oslo where Erik Skogmo and his family live. Honefoss translates to Chicken Falls.

Church in Honefoss

Bill is talking with Erik Skogmo about the church his company is building. His daughters Mari and Kjersti along with wife Liv-Guri are there too

Outside the church

The church from the outside

Flag of Norway

Norwegians are very proud of their country (and they have every right to be). It is very common for a home to have a flagpole in the front yard and the flag flying.

Pat, Randi and Bill

Randi Skaug is explaining something to Bill


A statue of a Troll in Tromso

Comfort Saga Hotel room

We stayed at the Comfort Saga Hotel in Tromso. It was very nice.

Comfort Saga Hotel

Another view of the room. The bathroom had a heated tile floor!


The first night in Tromso we had snow on the mountains around the city. Tromso is on an island. This was the view from our room. Our hotel was about 50 meters from the harbor.

View from our room

Another view from our room

View from the airplane leaving Tromso

Leaving Tromso

Tramplaget or Travellers' Club

Meeting room of the Tramplaget or Travellers' Club in Oslo. I gave a talk with slides on THE GREAT AMERICAN SOUTHWEST

Frode Jensen Family

Our friend Frode Jensen with one of his son's and parents. We have known Frode for about 15 years and have still not learned to pronounce his name correctly. When we write him, we write Frode, but when I speak to him, we call him Fred. The norwegians even say that his name is difficult for english speakers to say. So we don't feel too bad about it.


In Tromso we stayed at the Comfort Saga Hotel. We found it to be very nice and comfortable. The price of the room included a very complete breakfast and dinner buffet. So all we had to do while in Tromso was eat lunch. The hotel also had a waffle iron going and we could make waffles anytime.

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