Bill and Pat Murrell's Monument Valley Trip July, 1999

These pictures were taken from our Piper Cherokee, P28A-181, aircraft over Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona in July, 1999 at an altitude of 200 to 300 feet AGL which is about 65 to 90 metres. If you have never been to Monument Valley, plan a visit there. It's well worth the trip. Besides the motel in Gouldings, there is a Good Sam Campground very close by also in Gouldings.

Technical details:

Film -- Kodak Color Print Film ASA200, Camera -- Canon A-1, Lens Canon 35-105mm, Filter UV-Haze only.

Airspeed about 80 knots

The valley floor is about 5,200 feet or about 1,800 metres MSL.

Time of day was 10:30am

Sky conditions: Mostly "broken" ceiling for you pilot types.

Temperature" 85F or 29C. Field elevation at Page, Arizona airport where we started this trip was 4,313'. Density altitude was 6,500'.

We flew Eastbound to Monument Valley at 7,500'MSL and returned at 6,500' MSL. When I spoke to Prescott FSS, I was told there was "mountain obscuration" and "VFR flight was not recommended." They also reported visibility at greater than 30 miles. I had looked around when we arrived at the airport and thought it looked pretty good, just a high broken ceiling. After the briefing, I spoke to another pilot on the field and asked him if the mountain to the east was Navajo Peak which is 10,400'. He said it was. Well that was about 30 miles away along our route and I was able to see the top. So I didn't think visibility would be a problem, FSS's comments to the contrary.

In the pictures with the aircraft wing showing I have compared the color print to the actual colors on the plane. They are very close. The pictures were taken through a grey tinted window, and have a slightly darker color, but not much.

As you look at the pictures, keep in mind that all of them were taken from the airplane. Some look like they are from the ground, but I assure you we were always up in the air!

The Mittens.

The Left Mitten.

The Left Mitten from the back side.

I don't know the name of this butte, but here are several pictures of it.

Same butte, just closer.

Same butte, from the back.

More interesting formations.

You can spend many hours just sitting and watching the colors change during the day.

Some of the rock have petrogliphs on them.

This formation is called "The Totem Pole".

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